ROR Programmers?

Where is the best place to find programmers? I need a few ROR
programmers for a quick job.

No this is the Peoples Liberation Front of Judea, we just hide out
here so as to avoid those fools in the Judean Peoples Liberation Front

I actually don’t I didn’t want any programmers. I just thought maybe this was the cover for The Judean Popular People’s Front.

Sorry. Splitters!

Here I think is the best place! I am a rails programmer and I am avalable for hiring!

contact me if you are interest

As long as you’re not from the People’s Front, give us some more details about where you are and what you need…

Top-posted from Android

Well, given that the Romans have done nothing for us, I need education, sanitation, . . . oh . . . wait . . . :slight_smile:

More details are here:



lol …hehehehehe funny on rails

Post your requirements of the position you are recruting for, so that people can apply for it.



I posted the requirements here:


Where is it that you need arora people. I'm one and I'm in Melbourne,
victoria, AUSTRALIA