ROR Learning with Dating /Classified Site Development


I am falling in love more and more with RoR.

I am looking for a Book/Tutorial which teaches me creating an excellent
WebSite for dating and Classified.

I am coming from .net community and now willing to grow more with ROR.
We used to have few starterkits in .Net.

Can any one provide me an excellent guideline, how is it possible.

Is there any tutorial site, which offers scripts to study and extend.

Thanks in Advance.


Firstly, We are always glad to have a new convertie.

Next If you want to understand how to USE rails you should read
"Agile Web Development with Rails" and the Rails Api

If you want to understand how it works (an admirable quality) You should
"The Ruby Way" and "The Rails Way"

After you've read those and used rails a bit your ready to crawl through
the rails core files.

The biggest advantages Rails has is Rubies exceptional handling of
'Reflection' such as:


There's more of course, However, I seem to run into these more often
then not when there's magic afoot.


I am happy that today i have found my inspiration for creating a
Classified Portal from scratch.

Here is the link.

This is a newly created Classified Site in ROR, with social networking.

I hope some one will help me to create such type of classified site from

I will also like to place few more links here like ....
classified, Matrimonial and Dating Site created in ROR.


If you set up a tracker and a svn repo I might be so inclined as to
help; when i have the time.
Just post the url info here


Its strange to see that No Real Life Tutorials / Starter Kits are
available in Ruby On Rails to start from scratch.

All I can see are few tutorials of the same kind like creating " Blogs "
in 20 minutes or so.

I am looking for a Real Life Starter Kit, which i can study as well as
expand it while learning. Many users working on the same Starter Kit can
expand it more easily. Starter Kit gives us a platform with a site
already build, and you just need to extend it in your way.

Is any one facing same trouble like me.....?


Hi, just curious to know how you know this site is developed in ROR

Hi Ayyanar,