RMagick Installation woes


I need to install Rmagick to get re-sizing working with Paperclip. My
dev machine is on Mac OSX Leopard and the server is on Ubuntu Intrepid

I dint have Macports or wget at first. I was following this article -
Ive done this before too. But some dependency always failed.

I want to start with a clean slate now, given that ive installed wget
and Macports too. I need some guidance on the following

1. Removing installed/ half-installed versions of the dependencies in
the above post from my local machine.
2. I have macports but dont have XCode 3.1 and dont have an apple
developer account so should i go get one or rather install using the
above article?
3. Any reliable article on how to install on Ubuntu Intrepid?


For Ubuntu you can try following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install imagemagick
$ sudo apt-get update --fix-missing && sudo apt-get install
imagemagick # only if above commands fails for some reason
$ sudo apt-get install libmagick9-dev
$ sudo gem install rmagick


I finally got everything installed and working on my dev machine by
removing downloaded dependencies and then following http://pastie.org/282226
with wget.

Thank you Abhinav. I will try your suggestion when installing on the