RJS to refresh partial not working


I have the following:


So I looked into this a little more and it seems like the new updated
data doesn't get refreshed right after I click "save". When I refresh
the page again, that's when the data is refreshed. I'm not sure how
the form submits to the server, but apparently the page.replace_html
happens BEFORE the data is submitted. Any ideas?

I have the following:


For some reason, when I click on "Save", it doesn't update the
_list_user.rhtml partial. In fact, it updates the model but the
partial doesn't refresh. Is there something wrong with the partial?
I put page.alert('RJS works!') in my update_user.rjs and that

The explanation I can think of is that you didn't fetch the @users
in the update_user action in your controller. That's how you see
the data when you refresh the page (since you must have fetched
@users in your users action) but not in the RJS update.


Hmm..I have @users in update_user action (it was complaining before in
the log). But it's still not updating the data before the
page.replace_html. Any other ideas? Is there anything I'm doing
wrong with the form?

Having re-read your snippets, there is one line that really troubles me:

  page.replace_html("list_user", :partial => 'list_user',
:user_info=>@user_info )

I don't think this line will work. Your partial is using the @user_info in the
controller, that the one passed by the line above. So if your action doesn't
fetch @user_info, there's no data for the partial to use.

To pass a "local variable" to the template, pass
in the render parameter, then replace the member variable @user_info
with user_info in the partial. Hope this works.