rjs replace_html with a partial select box not working

I am doing a project/tasks thing all ajax. I have the current project
list in a drop down list but this issue is popping up again when I re
render the partial to update the list when a project is closed it does
not give me a prompt even though it is in the options. I can reload
the whole page and it works which is strange. I have tried
replace_html and also replace and it still gives me the same result.

current_projects partial:

<%= select( :project, :id, current_user.projects.find
(:all,:conditions=>{:completed => false}).collect {|p| [ p.name,
p.id ] },
{ :prompt => true}, { :onchange => remote_function( :url =>
{ :controller => 'projects', :action => 'showproject', :id => '1' },
:with => "'p_id=' + this.value" ) } ) %>

any ideas?

is it that :prompt needs a string ?


You can but it works just fine when the page loads up or you refresh the whole page.