Request Routing Plugin Update - Feedback? Interest? Help?

I have an update to the request plugin that I would like feedback or
help with. I have contacted the author but have not heard anything
back, which is why I am posting this here.

My goal was to allow for sites that could have unlimited user
subdomains, but would like to reserve some subdomains for other uses.
To do this I changed the plugin to allow for either multiple
subdomains or to exclude single or multiple subdomains (or domains).
It works pretty well (but could be cleaned up, I am not a great ruby
coder, still pretty new).

Below is the code, please let me know if I can approve it ( I did try
a case/switch statement, but it always seemed to throw and error in
the routes):

module ActionController
  module Routing
    class Route

[:subdomain, :domain, :method, :port, :remote_ip,
                                  :content_type, :accepts, :request_uri, :protocol,
                                  :exclude_subdomain, :exclude_domain ]

      def recognition_conditions
        result = ["(match =
        conditions.each do |method, value|
          if TESTABLE_REQUEST_METHODS.include? method
            if method.to_s[0,7] === 'exclude'
              prefix = "!"
              env_name =
              prefix =""
              env_name = method.inspect
            condition_name = method.inspect
            result << "conditions[#{condition_name}] =~
env[#{env_name}]" if value.is_a? Regexp
            result << "#{prefix}conditions[#{condition_name}].include?
(env[#{env_name}])" if value.is_a? Array
            result << "conditions[#{condition_name}] ===
env[#{env_name}]" if !value.is_a?(Regexp) && !value.is_a?(Array)

    class RouteSet

      def extract_request_environment(request)
          :method => request.method,
          :subdomain => request.subdomains.first.to_s,
          :domain => request.domain,
          :port => request.port,
          :remote_ip => request.remote_ip,
          :content_type => request.content_type,
          :accepts =>','),
          :request_uri => request.request_uri,
          :protocol => request.protocol