routing by subdomain problem

I have installed the request routing plugin

and this is what i have in routes.rb:
map.connect '', :controller => 'site', :requirements => { :subdomain =>

It is right, only :requirements should be :conditions.

Also, how is it possible to route the following url to an account
there is no id in this url - will the following route work:
map.connect ':controller/:action/'?
How can I only route it if the controller is 'account'?

It just works with default routes, note that you don't need it in the canonical CRUD's index/list actions.

-- fxn

It's strange, these routes are working for me:

   map.connect '', :controller => "public", :action => 'index', :conditions => {:subdomain => 'www'}
   map.connect '', :controller => "invoices", :action => 'new'

They seem analogous to yours.

-- fxn

The server needs a restart to load the plugin (that happens with any plugin), nothing else.

-- fxn