Replace rhtml view with rjs


I am following the examples in the Agile Web Development with Rails book and am supposed to be replacing an rhtml view with an rjs. So I deleted the rhtml file and replaced it with an rjs file with the same name. However, I now get an error saying 'No such file found ...rhtml', even though it should be picking up the rjs instead. Can anyone let me know why this is not working correctly? Am I getting something wrong here? I am very new at this...

Thanks for your help, Andrew

My understanding is that it has to match your action name, but reside in your views folder, just like the rhtml file.

So - say URL is /user/edit that maps to UserController, action edit, then you want to provide your RJS in app/views/user/edit.rjs

Works for me :slight_smile:

On a side note, how do you handle the need for app/views/controller/action.rhtml AND app/views/controller/action.rjs ?

My app needs to display an action using the rhtml for the initial display and using the rjs for updates (it's a paginated list).

I am just getting my head around rjs and may be doing it wrong, however :wink: