Is this a bug or expected behavior?

Just wondering if anybody has had this "problem" or feature with Rails apps. I noticed that if I drop a .rhtml file in the views folder for a controller I can render that template by action name even though I have not defined the action in my controller.

For example. I created a products controller. I added a index method in the controller. There is a coordinating views directory - app/views/ products. This directory has a index.rhtml file. I added a edit.rhtml and _form.rhtml that was created using a generated scaffold.

My controller is bare bones:

class ProductsController < ApplicationController

def index    @products = Product.find_products_for_sale    @tree = Category.find(:all, :include => [ :children ]) end

def show    @product = Product.find(params[:id]) end


Ok. So if I go to localhost:3003/products/edit/. I get the edit page and the form. The form will not process but it still displays. To me, this seems like incorrect behavior since I have not defined the action in my controller. It also seems to go against the idea of my controller - controlling. I dunno. Anybody else experience this? Is this suppose to be like this?

Thansk, Phill Novess

by default, the route.rb will take any :controller/:action call you send to it and then check if it can be processed. If you delete that route and only use named routes (as you should in preparation for RoR 2.0, only predefined routes/actions will be accessible.