Something strange about RJS, please help.


thanks for reading this. :slight_smile: I've got some problems with RJS in
separate files. What's the correct extension? When I name it *.rjs /
*.js.rjs, Ruby on Rails complains that it in not able to find a
*.js.erb template. But when I name it *.js.erb, nothing is translated
to javascript, only the raw text is given back to the client. When I
try inline RJS directly in my controllers with "render :update ...",
it runs perfectly. What am I doing wrong?

Really thank you for any answers.

The right naming is *.js.rjs

At the end of the controller you need:

respond_to do |format|

to make that work

Keep this bug report in mind if you're calling #render_to_string
before the default view is rendered:

The solution is to rename the default view to filename.rjs (as opposed
to filename.js.rjs).