rendering view using ajax is not working

hi all,

          im calling a method in my controller from my view (category.rhtml) using form_remote_tag.the method was called properly but the view its rendering was not replaced properly in the parent view (category.rhtml).

                      in my parent view (category.rhtml) im having a div with id called "block" where i want the rendered partial to be replaced.when i tried to execute im getting the output as

try { Element.update("block", "<html>\n<head>\n<title> calling controller method

</title>\n</head>\n<body>\n\n\n this is to check\n\n</body>\n</html>\n");

} catch (e) { alert('RJS error:\n\n' + e.toString());

alert('Element.update(\"block\", \"<html>\\n<head>\\n<title> calling controller

method </title>\\n</head>\\n<body>\\n\\n\\n this is to

check\\n\\n</body>\\n</html>\\n\");'); throw e }

people know it please help me.

maybe you are using the :updae option in your form_remote_tag in this case it would expect simple html as response.

you're using something like insert_html instead, which creates the js code for inserting.

if you use :update, you controller should simply use something like: render :partial => "my_partial" and this partial should contain html

if your controller uses insert_html (or other methods of that kind) then you should not use the :update option.