Problem rendering rjs

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem rendering js, this is my code:

in the main view index.html.erb I have

<div id="poll">   <%= render(:partial => 'poll')%> </div>

In the partial _poll.html.erb I have: <%= form_tag(:action => "update_all", :remote => true) do %>

  <% for @poll in @polls %>     <p>     <%= fields_for @poll do |f| %>             <%= f.check_box (:selected, "index" => %>       <%= %>       <%= @poll.votes %>     <% end %>     </p>   <% end %>   <p>       <%= submit_tag "Update" %>   </p> <% end %>

The method in the controller looks like this:

  def update_all     params[:poll].each do |id, attr|

      poll = Poll.find(id)

      if (attr['selected'] == "1")

        poll.votes = poll.votes + 1       end     end

    respond_to do |format|       format.html { redirect_to(stipso_path) }       format.js     end   end

I have a file called update_all.js.rjs which I think it is supposed to be called from the controller but it is ignored because html is processed instead.

I basically want to replace the poll content using AJAX.

Here is the log msg from the rails s console:

Started POST "/foo/update_all?remote=true" for at Wed Jun 08 21:09:13 +0100 2011   Processing by FooController#update_all as HTML

What am I doing wrong?

I think your form is not setting remote correctly.

If it was submitting correctly you should not see ?remote=true.

form tag takes 2 parameters url_for_options and options. If you don't put the {} around the first set of options it will assume they are all url_for_options

form_tag(url_for_options = {}, options = {}, *parameters_for_url, &block)

Basically I think you need to change your form tag to look like this

<%= form_tag({:action => "update_all"}, :remote => true) do %>

It works! Thanks! stupid brackets... :slight_smile: