Regarding PDF Writer

Hello guys,
             I have a problem with saving the pdf....
  This is my controller code -------------------

  def getpdf
      pdf =
      @room_event = RoomEvent.find(:all)
      @table.column_order = RoomEvent.column_names
      data = []
      @room_event.each do |room_event|
        data.push({"name" =>, "description" =>
room_event.description, "id" =>})
      end data

There is one more file called getpdf.rpdf in which i havnt put any

and there is a link in a some other rhtml file which calls this getpdf
<%= link_to "get pdf", :action => "getpdf" %>

Now when i click on that link "get pdf" it asks me where to save this
file. and also it saves the file in pdf folder. but i just want it to
save in that pdf folder and doesnt want it to ask me explicitly.

Can anyone suggest me any ideas how can i do this... i am very new to
these concepts....
Can anyone help??