Manual for PDF::Writer and the railspdf plugin


Can someone help me please? I am a noob to both Ruby and Rails. I have
downloaded and installed PDF::Writer and the railspdf plugin. I need
more documentation,

The PDF::Writer readme says to generate the manual using bin/techbook
(just "techbook" for RubyGem users) and the manual file "manual.pwd".
But since I am a Ruby noob, it is pretty meanless to me.

Could someone please amplify on this or point me in the the right
direction? I have not had any luck with Google, who is normally my
friend for this sort of thing.

Thank you,

Paul Thompson

Hi Paul,

A pdf version of the manual is available at


Note as well that the railspdf plug-in has been written by someone
else, so it will not be covered in the PDF::Writer manual.


Hi Austin,

So what is the recommended way of using PDF::Writer in rails?

I ask, because I have written a "Hello World" method using railspdf.
It works to the extent that the pdf is generated but when you try to
print the pdf (the whole purpose of the exercise) you garbage.



Hi Bill,

Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the link that you gave. However
the manual that you get refers to PDF::Writer 1.2. PDF::Writer is now
at 1.3 and I thought it would be a good idea to have the latest
version of the manual.



I don't run Rails, so I can't really answer that. I did work out the
steps necessary to do it once and put it on the Rails wiki and in my
article on

Try generating your PDF from the command-line first. You may be having
other issues, or you may be having issues with how the PDF is received
(Internet Explorer has problems with this sometimes, IIRC).


Thanks, Austin, I will do that.

If you're interested I wrote a brief intro. to PDF::TechBook, and
extension of PDF::Writer.