recursively finding children

Hi --

I'm trying to get a flattened array of children (down to a certain depth) of a folder (which is using acts_as_tree).

def recursive_find_depth(depth)   if self.children.length > 0 and depth != 0    self.children.each do |child|     puts     child.recursive_find_depth(depth -= 1)    end   end end

At the moment, the function 'puts' the right output, i.e. all the children under a certain folder to a certain depth. However, I completely stuck about how to get the finished array of children out of this function (this shouldn't be hierarchal, just a flattened array). If anyone's wondering what I'm using this for - it's a webdav system (PROPFIND). Thanks in advance

This is untested, but hopefully will either work or give you some ideas:

   def recursive_find_depth(depth, list=)      unless        children.each do |child|          list.push(          child.recursive_find_depth(depth-1, list)        end      end      list    end