Recent startup tech stack justifications

I am looking for articles written in 2021 or 2022, which walk through alternatives to ruby which were considered and why ruby prevailed, from startups justifying their tech stack choices. Thanks!

I am aware of these recent startups. I haven’t found blog articles describing their tech stack evaluation process:

(I will update the list above as I come across other startups)

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I recorded a number of podcast episodes with different folks and businesses who use Rails at Websites Using Ruby on Rails in Production — Podcast and Interviews. Episodes focus on why they picked their tech stack and we get into the details on how they built and deployed their app along with lessons learned, etc… Most of those Rails episodes are from 2021+, there’s ~100 other non-Rails episodes too if you were looking for alternative comparisons.

If it helps, personally I’ve jumped between a few different frameworks over the years and I always seem to come back to Rails. Rolling with Rails 7+, esbuild and Tailwind with Hotwire Turbo / Stimulus has been a fantastically fantastic experience.


I listened to a half dozen of them. It was helpful. I understand a lot of people chose Rails in those episodes because they were already familiar with it and they needed to get started fast. I appreciate the approach, but I was hoping to run across people who did a clean slate evaluation of options. The companies also seem to be talking historically about their founding in the mid 2010’s.

I have been really curious to learn more about what people like / dislike about turbo / inertia / server side routing versus the dominant react client side routing. I guess the biggest difference is how you handle POSTs?

(I’m also really curious to read a detailed comparison of blitz.js vs rails + inertia, if anybody has written such a comparison)

It’s hard for me to figure out how people are using rails at startups. Are they building REST API’s, using Turbo, or using classic server rendered? What is the approximate proportion of people within each category?