Real time Chat Application Using ROR 4,ruby 2.1.3,Mongodb

Hi…I’m new to Ruby on Rails and working on product development. I need to implement chat application for all registered users.It should work like facebook chat or gmail chat.How to develop it using rails 4? Is there any code or plug-in’s available for this task?I don’t have any idea how to do it.

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Try this:

Otherwise, I don’t think there is plug and play solution for your case. You need to use few gems, but the business logic is always different.

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Last time I did this using two server apps: 1) a Rails app with all my business logic, and 2) a Faye server (actually a Sinatra app) whose job is only to do the pub/sub part. The client connects to the Faye server and the Faye server can send messages directly to the client via websockets.

When someone writes a chat message, it goes through the Rails app, and then the Rails app sends a message to the Faye server telling the Faye server to publish the chat message.

This was the most effective solution I found but I’m sure there are different architectures.

check out…

Our platform (SightCall) provides realtime services like text chat, video/audio and data messages. We have a nice Ruby-on-Rails demo of a group collaboration tool. You could use this as a starting point to embed these functions into your own web site.

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You can try using RabbitMq/Faye. Refer below links which might help you