Adding instant messaging to a rails application

Hi guys,

I have a membership based application and would like to add a chat/instant messaging feature for members to chat amongst each other. I’m thinking facebook chat where the chats are either chat(when both are online) or are delivered to the inbox, when offline or blocked. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry you didn’t get any responses to this. I’ve been trying to get it working, too. If you make any progress, please let us know on this list. – For my purposes, it was sufficient to create a once-a-minute polling loop to ping the server, but I’d much rather figure out how to do the server side event.

Yeah! It’s a pretty extensive project apparently! I’m going to see how far the client want to go and then work on it.

Have you heard about Faye. This is good gem for implementing chat and notification feature in Ruby on rails. Have a look into it. You can subscribe and listen to a node using faye.

Set up a jabber service, just like facebook does?