rake migration not working

Rakesh Malhotra <rails-mailing-list@...> writes:

When I do rake migrate only two tables get created on my persoal


database. Rest of them do not get created. I see schema.rb in db
directory and I can only see 2 tables created.

Are these in one migration or multiple migrations?

There were no error messages when you ran the Rake task?

Run rake migrate --trace; that might give you a more detailed view of
going on.

BTW, I always run my migrations inside a transaction, so either it all
works or
nothing gets saved:
  def self.up
    ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do
      .. migration stuff here

Does ActiveRecord::Base.transaction support DDL transactions? I think
most databases implicitly commit after any DDL statement. I dont think
creating multiple tables in a transaction will be all or nothing.


I believe Postgres and MS SQL Server support DDL transactions.

MySQL and Oracle do not, not sure about the others.

All of this is from memory from a discussion at RailsConf 2006.

Apologies in advance if I'm mistaken.