Migrations stop working with MySQL

This is something I’ve just seen pop up… wondering if anyone else has seen this and has an idea about what might be causing it?

After successfully running rake db:migrate and creating all my tables, I am no longer able to migrate back down. Any calls to rake db:migrate version=0 result in absolutely nothing happening. The only solution I have is to drop all of the tables or drop and recreate the database through MySQL… A migrate then works as expected to create the tables, but then I cannot go back down.

I first noticed this on Ubuntu 6.10 with MySQL 5… but then it happened at PlanetArgon, and then on a Mac that one of my students users. I primarily develop on Windows and so I’ve never seen this before.

Is this a known bug? Is there something we’re missing with the MySQL configuration? I get no error messages… it just runs the task and does nothing.

Hi !


@Francois: Yikes… so now I feel dumb. Thanks for the assistance.

/hangs head in shame.