Rake aborted.... No rake file found

Hey ,

WorstCase: one thing what you do is just uninstall all the gem and install which ever gem you needed. say if you wanted to install rails 1.1.6 after uninstalling all gem, just try install only that gem rails-1.1.6 it wil through any dependency error, so install all of them(or you can use -y option), then every-thing will be fine again. Then run whatever rake taks you need. (may be freezing gem).

Or else you can set in your config/environment.rb RAILS_GEM_VERSION to what ever rails version you need. Here you don't need to freeze you gem since you already specified your RAILS_GEM_VERSION. Even you give environment variable like this (export RAILS_GEM_VERSION='1.1.6').

Or else You can move your gem folder, like this, just type gem env --> for example if it gives /home/raghuk/local/lib/ruby/gems/ 1.8 then, move /home/raghuk/local/lib/ruby/gems to /home/raghuk/local/lib/ruby/ gems-new then reinstall all the gems.

after this whenever you want to use new-gems just set GEM_PATH and GEM_HOME environment variables to /home/raghuk/local/lib/ruby/gems-new/ 1.8 or what ever you want.(should contains installed gems)

I guess one of this might solve your problem. Presently i am following the last approach,

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did you uninstall all the dependency gems for rails 1.2.4 , then installed rails 1.1.6 and the dependency gems. if yes, just type the command' gem env' and 'gem dependency', then post the output here.

and one more thing is what do you mean by application is not working, just try this tell me the output.

Go to your application(project). this command will clear all the log files under log/ directory. So, back up if necessary those log files.

So, try 'rake log:clear' after that, start your webrick server, then try connecting if it throws any error or if you are not able to connect to your application., just see the log files under log directory and do paste it here. And post only those log output environment, for which webrick server is running.

yes, in rails version >= 1.2.3 there some helper methods which are deprecated, one of them is start_form_tag and end_form_tag

if you freeze your gems just it copies all the gems from your gem installed directory to your application's vendor/ directory, and starts using that. i just wanted to know what's there in RecipeController's search method and what's there is in your config/routes.rb file, under your application.

when you type gem dependecy which version of rails it shows, whether it shows both or only one. if it shows both means any new project created from now on will use the latest gem. Since, you are creating a new project it's better to use the latest gem, otherwise you have to take pain of migrating your application from 1.1.6 to 1.2.4(or which ever you use). SInce 1.2.4 compared to 1.1.6 is much beter, meaning the way code is written internally, lot of optimization has happed. (I know this is secondary. but just informed) Still if you want to use 1.1.6 it will surely work, if you have done the environment.rb file change for RAIL_GEM_VERSION.

you have to change it like this before change: RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '1.2.4' unless defined? RAILS_GEM_VERSION after change: RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '1.1.6'

you can see all the deprecated things from 1.1.6 to 1.2.4 here. http://www.rubyonrails.org/deprecation

you can solve this buy commenting this line in your config/routes.rb

  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id.:format'

that's not a error, it's just a warning, as i said before, some of helper methods(start_form_tag,end_form_tag.etc) are deprecated in rails version >= 1.2.3 so that's just warning saying those methods will not available under rails 2.0. But after doing this, is you application is working fine.

Go to your application console like this. (under your project). "script/console" run this file it gives a prompt. then type "puts RAILS_GEM_VERSION" what's the value you are getting? if you are getting 1.1.6, then it's correct. Otherwise still you are using newer rails gem.

And even i have two versions of rails, i generated a new project with rails myproject # command and i just changed RAILS_GEM_VERSION to 1.1.6 that's it everything is still working fine.