why do I have to freeze rails when using Apache


I'm just starting using Apache with Rails and the first issue that I had to resolve was the following error message:

"Application error. Rails application failed to start properly" "Cannot find gem for Rails =" (etc)

I think I read 1000 posts about this error, and the only thing that seemed to be working for me was to freeze rails. Why do I need to do that? From all the reading that I've been doing on the Internet I gather you only have to do this when your web application is hosted on a shared server. For now, I'm just learning Apache and I'm running both on a local development Linux box.

RAILS_GEM_VERSION is 1.2.5 in environment.rb. If I run "gem list | grep rails", I get "rails (1.2.5, 1.2.1). (At some point I only had 1.2.1 installed and RAILS_GEM_VERSION was also 1.2.1 and I still had the same problem). Webrick works normally.

Another question that I have is why does the error message mention version Where is the ".0" coming from? I found this logic in boot.rb and I don't understand why it is there. Older versions of Rails did not generate the ".0" at the end of the version.

Thanks, Tiberiu

Hi Mr Tips

I use Apache 2.26 + Rails 1.25 and did not have the need to freeze Rails...