RailsDB 0.2 Release


This post is to announce the latest 0.2 release of RailsDB:

Q. What?

A. RailsDB is a web application written in Ruby using the Ruby on
Rails web framework. RailsDB provides a generic interface to popular
open source databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. The
RailsDB project is currently under heavy development and seeking more
developers to assist.

Q. Where?

A. http://railsdb.org/

Q. Why?

A. I'm tired of having to use, in a single work day no less,
phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, SQLite Manager, and Oracle SQL Developer, all
having different interfaces and feature sets. I think the those tools
could be greatly improved upon by using a bits of Javascript/AJAX in
all the right places. In addition I think ActiveRecord, through the
available Ruby database drivers, provides much of the generic SQL
functionality needed to build such a tool as RailsDB.

Development is still in a very "alpha" stage with only a few basic
things working currently. This announcement is being made in hopes of
gathering ideas, opinions, and more development help.

Anyone interested in development can check out the latest revision
from Subversion:

svn co https://railsdb.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/railsdb railsdb

Bug reports aren't very useful at this stage of development, but feel
free to post them on the SF bug tracker if you like:


I've chosen GPL version 3 for a software license. Hopefully this
choice will encourage other developers to assist.

Here are some screenshots for anyone wanting a quick idea of where
development is headed:


Thanks for your time.

This is looking promising Greg, I’ll be sure to check it out.