Rails3 + PostgreSQL

Anyone know if Rails 3 supports PostgreSQL yet? I'm again trying on
the latest beta, still not getting anything to work.

I have every postgresql gem I can find installed:

gem list --local|grep ^p

pg (0.9.0)
postgres (
postgres-pr (0.6.3)

My database.yml entry:

  adapter: postgresql
  database: rails3_dev
  username: rails3
  password: rails3

Then when I try it, I get this:

RuntimeError (Please install the postgresql adapter: `gem install
activerecord-postgresql-adapter` (no such file to load -- pg)):

I'm not finding a gem by that name:

gem install activerecord-postgresql-adapter

ERROR: could not find gem activerecord-postgresql-adapter locally or
in a repository

This page doesn't even mention that gem:


Anyone get this to work yet?

Yeah it works fine, worked since the first beta.

On Ubuntu these are the packages I installed:

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-client postgresql-contrib

Then all you need is the pg gem mentioned in your Gemfile.

Maybe the fact you have the others installed is part of the problem,
they are definitely not required for it to work, this is the only
PostGres related gem I have in my Gemfile:

gem "pg"

That was the problem. It works fine when pg is the only gem installed. Thanks.

Hi… i called Carina… i was either problem installed its gem…

For me this helped to. Additionally I had to add "require 'pg'" to the
Gemfile. Thanks.