Rails3 jquery_helper

Dear all,

Since Rails3 is using unobstrusive javascript for ajax form handling,
does the developers need to implement the corresponding
javascript_framework helper themselves? Currently rails3 only bundles
prototype_helper. Will rails3 also bundles jquery_helper? If not, will
it be available in the rails' github repository like the jquery_ujs?

Thank you very much for the confirmation.

Kind regards,

The idea as it stands now is that the abstraction will happen at the
javascript layer. So there will be a common rails javascript library
that supports adapters to the other javascript libraries.
prototype_helper should go away completely and be replaced by a rails
common javascript helper.

Allen Madsen

Thanks for your response Allen, really appreciate it.

Does this _common_javascript_helper_ happen to be in the git repo
already? Or is this something that will be planned in the future?

Kind regards,

It doesn't exist yet. Currently it's an idea for a RubySoC project
[1]. When I get time this week or next I'll be writing a proposal for

[1] http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rubysoc/2010/ideas#action_view

Allen Madsen