rails pluralizing when not supposed to ?

lo there all.

i am having a strange problem with generating a scaffold.
everything is pluralized.

for example, if i do a script/generate scaffold Admin ( the example in
my book )
instead of admin_controller.rb i get admins_controller.rb
instead of /app/views/admin i get /app/views/admins

is there a configuration setting that i am missing ?


pluralization is by design.
try this in your environment.rb do disable pluralization if you need.

ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names = false


ok, well, is this something i should do ? should i go with the table
names pluralized instead of not.
I mean, if pluralization is by design, should i change that ?


Controllers and paths should be the plural of the model name,
so you should be on the right track now.

way cool, thanks