Creating incorrect plurals when generating scaffold

Preface: I'm trying to find my way through the "Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Application" book. I'm completely new to programming and am having a hard time figuring out the differences between rails 2.0.2 and what's in the book so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I'm confused because I finally thought I'd figured out the whole scaffolding thing but when I try to generate a scaffold for "Story", it creates EVERYTHING as "stories". I even have to go to http://localhost:3000/stories instead of http://localhost:3000/story to see the scaffold. When I generate a scaffold for "stories" it makes the exact same thing. Am I missing something?

I'm running this in Terminal a Mac OS 10.5.2 (Leopard) with MySQL, Rails 2.0.2 and Ruby 1.8.6, and WeBRICK

Here's the code, the only commands I did before this is $rails -d mysql shovell $cd shovell

admins-macbook:shovell Admin$ script/generate scaffold Story name:string link:string       exists app/models/       exists app/controllers/       exists app/helpers/       create app/views/stories       exists app/views/layouts/       exists test/functional/       exists test/unit/       create app/views/stories/index.html.erb       create app/views/stories/show.html.erb       create app/views/stories/new.html.erb       create app/views/stories/edit.html.erb       create app/views/layouts/stories.html.erb       create public/stylesheets/scaffold.css   dependency model       exists app/models/       exists test/unit/       exists test/fixtures/       create app/models/story.rb       create test/unit/story_test.rb       create test/fixtures/stories.yml       create db/migrate       create db/migrate/001_create_stories.rb       create app/controllers/stories_controller.rb       create test/functional/stories_controller_test.rb       create app/helpers/stories_helper.rb        route map.resources :stories

Then I just run $rake db:migrate

and everything works fine at http://localhost:3000/stories

You're doing the right thing. Controllers are plural, models are singular. You'll have to do the translation between what's printed in the book and how Rails' scaffold works.

By observing these pluralization rules, routing becomes far easier, so unless you're keen to swim upstream don't try to force controllers into singular form.