Rails patch review bot + feed

Hello all,
The new +1 scheme for getting patches verified and committed is great,
but it's created a lot of mailing list and IRC traffic when people
request +1's, feedback, and so on. Typically that's fine, except it
often gets lost in the shuffle of everything else going on or isn't
useful unless you're in the IRC channel that someone mentions a patch
in. Even further, it's hard to get your patch in front of the right
people (e.g., a lot of people don't use IRC, subscribe to mailing
lists, etc.).

So I've created a little IRC bot and RSS/Atom feed provider for
patches seeking review. Currently, it's hanging out in #rails-patches
on Freenode; feel free to go in and ask it for help, inquire about a
patch, or add one to the review queue. I want to move it into
#rails-contrib if the core team approves, but I didn't want to spring
a random bot on them. :slight_smile:

You can ask for help by doing the following:

    <yournick> patchbot: help

To get to the feeds and site, you can visit
http://www.patchreview.org/. There is an RSS and ATOM feed for all
patches and then a feed for each component (e.g., ActiveRecord and so
on). Search is coming soon...

I want to provide access to this information as easily as possible, so
what would you all like to see? The next goal (if the core team
doesn't mind) is to have patchbot drop a daily patch review report on
to one of the mailing lists so these patches still get ML attention.
What do you all think?