Rails interactive

Now that the rails command is getting lots of options, maybe it would make sense to have some "rails interactive" command. Some possible workflow:

What do you want to do?

1- Create a new Rails application
2- Run server
3- Generate a migration
4- Generate a model

Suppose you click 1:

1- Create the application
2- Change test approach
3- Disable ORM - This would be "Enable ORM" if it was disabled
4- Disable tests
5- Change ORM implementation

Now, suppose 2 was chosen:
1- Use TDD frameworks
2- Use BDD frameworks
3- Learn the differences

Then, after choosing 2:

1- Change current Ruby test framework (Rspec)
2- Change current Javascript test framework (Jasmine)

While clicking in 2 again:

1- Jasmine
2- Evergreen
3- Type a new one

These are just some random thoughts. Make sense?

I always thought that something like that would be good, but too old fashioned.

An idea of mine (that I could never even start developing [shame on me] until now) was a gem called rails-make

The intent is to do something like that:

rails make my js test framework to jasmine

rails make my js test framework to evergreen

rails make my integration test framework to cucumber

rails make my integration test framework to steak

rails make my unit test framework to rspec

rails make my unit test framework to unittest

Or even:

rails make my model Employee act as tree => adds gem “acts_as_tree” do Gemfile, includes acts_as_tree on the model, bundle install !

And the menu would be:

rails what can I make?

I don’t know if it makes sense, but sounds awesome!! ^^ I would love to get someone to help me develop that one!

Everton Moreth

I find your propose too verbose to my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

But I'm sure others will like your idea. :)

I think that an alternative interface to the command-line old

fashioned (and good by the way :wink: ) prompt, would be being able to
change this defaults through the web interface.

For instance, "rails configure" would open a web application in a

new port and address where you would be able to change your settings
for the application.

Putting the interface in the web will get all the benefits of

hyperlink, explanations and the like at no cost :slight_smile:

I'm just doing some brain storm here. Didn't think very deep about

this yet…



I really like the shell which comes with roo (java webframe inspired
by rails). it is interactive with autocomplete so it is easy to "find"
the right command and after each command there is a hint what is
possible next. I am sure there are other things to learn from.



Have you looked at RailsWizard (http://railswizard.org/)? Is this more or less what you would expect from your “rails configure” task? Except of course that it would be local. I really like the idea. Maybe even with hooks so others can add their plugin to the configure command? That would be too much for rails core, but I guess would work as a gem.



It is a similar concept but it wouldn’t be used just for the
application creation. The settings could be modified at any time…