Idea for CLI Prompt when creating new Rails App

Rails CLI is powerful and has a lot of options. Some are unknown and it would be helpful if rails CLI can do an interactive prompt when creating new rails app so that it can ask name of new app, whether to use a standard template, which DB to use, whether app is API or just regular MVC app. The CLI would behave similar to how vue cli where it prompts for app name, etc. Here is a video of how that CLI works Vue.js eslint-plugin-vue with Webpack template - asciinema When developers want to create a new app in interactive mode they can just type rails new and instead of showing the help menu it prompts users for app name, what flags to use, DB to use, etc. If they specify the app name then developer will need to pass all args in the CLI and will not enter interactive mode.


We can discuss what things to prompt for if this idea is worth considering for Rails CLI to create a new app.

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There is an open PR

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Any plans of merging it as it is an old PR