Rails' inflections are messy

I personally don't like them at all. I wish that all the names of controllers/routes/models were unchanged so I wouldn't have to keep deciding whether I needed to pluralize. I remember spending too much time trying to straighten out a scaffold I created named "series". It created a model named "Serie"! I shouldn't have to spend energy figuring that out. It should use the exact name I give it.

I disagree with this; I think the inflections are important. They’re just messy right now. I don’t think it’s an arduous task to fix them, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to take the stance of “Rails can’t possibly include every inflection by default.” My problem with the current inflections is that it seems like they were trying to include every inflection. Now we’ve got a long list of inflections based on exceptions and irregularities, most of which rarely see the light of day in any Rails application. But they’re frozen, so it’s difficult to get Rails core to accept fixes.

Looking over grammatical rules, the actual list of inflections could be extremely short:


I could be missing something here, but those cover the regular plurals and a couple of irregularities that will show up in Rails apps enough to warrant definition. More irregularities could be argued, but personally I think the stance should be that most irregularities should be defined in the user’s initializer (which is what Rails core tells people now anyways). But telling people right in the documentation to fix errant inflections in their initializer? Yes, let’s admit we’re wrong. That’s noble. But let’s fix it, too.