Rails Hosting: Can't make up my mind

I can vouch for the quality of Boxcar. Great performance, stability
and support. I've been with these guys since Rails 1.0 and not a bit
of a problem.


Take a look at http://www.linode.com. I have two sites (with quite low
traffic): http://cuisine4you.net and http://pragdevnotes.com on it
without any problems. One possible drawback is that you have to set up
everything from scratch. On the other hand you have full control over
your virtual host.


I don't have experience with either of the two solutions you mentioned
but I currently moved my hosting from hostingrails.com to
slicehost.com. Both places I had a VPS and they are both sub $25. Very
happy with both providers, moved purely on a price issue. Slicehost
VPS is $20/month