Advice Sought on Hosting Solution (VPS vs Shared)

Greetings All:

I have this "little" project( that I've been working on for a while, and I'm at the point were I'd like to put up a bit of public facing code. I spent last week looking at various web hosting companies, and now I need to make a decision.

My conundrum is whether to go with a Virtual Private Server or a shared host. If everything goes like it does in my day dreams, I'll need all the capacity I can get, but in reality, I don't expect more then a couple dozen hits a day any time in the next eight months, so I don't really need anything more then a shared host at the moment. On the other hand, the chance to have root access on my own VPS slice seems like it would be good experience, more interesting, and quite a bit more work. This would be my first public facing application, and there is the thought that it might be easier to let a shared host deal with the nuts and bolts the first time 'round.

I guess what I'm looking for is advice and other peoples experiences. Company recommendations would also be appreciated. (I have $250USD to get started).

I use The smallest slice is $20/month and it's been working just fine for me so far. And if you need to upgrade, its really easy and affordable. The only down side is setting it up to serve a rails project but their instructions make that relatively easy. For me, it took a couple days to get the server setup.

Your other option is which lets you create/import projects on the fly. I am using them as well to create tiny test projects where I learn stuff. I honestly don't know of performance of heroku because I haven't put it to the test. My main site is on slicehost.

Hope this helps.

$250 will get you 8 months on GoDaddy - 10GB / 500GB with Linux: CentOS (4 or 5) or Red Hat Fedora Core 7. + an SSL certificate. But you wouldn't be able to expect anything in the way of support. Their shared hosting, though, is WAY cheap. I got three years for $120.

A Small Orange has RoR 2.0. And Joyient is pretty RoR too.


Another VPS company is linode. Is a little bit cheaper than slicehost. I dont know about their performance.


I use slicehost. The main win for me is the ability to have complete control over the slice. Having root access means that I can configure one of their canned installs to exactly fit my needs, can reboot is as required and can pretty much add whatever package I want. The price is pretty good and the service is great. We'll be using them a lot more in future.


Oh btw, heroku is currently in beta so if you need an invite, let me know.

The time to get your experience building out and deploying is when you *don't* have a ton of traffic. My experience is that migrating servers when there is live traffic is a freakin nightmare. I'm using Rimuhosting and they are VPS but provide a ton of free support so you don't feel quite so alone. They're pricier than Slicehost, though. is very good, they have a grid-server plan which works great and comes with a 64MB rails container and 100GB of space for $20/month. You can easily add more RAM to your container should you grow beyond the "2-3" app limit.

I'm considering upgrading to one of their more beefier dedicated virtual's, Which for $50/month you get 256MB Ram, 20GB HD and 1TB bandwidth.

Slicehost plans:

Plan -- RAM -- Storage -- Bandwidth -- Monthly Price 256slice -- 256MB -- 10GB -- 100GB -- $20 512slice -- 512MB -- 20GB -- 200GB -- $38 1024slice -- 1024MB -- 40GB -- 400GB -- $70 2048slice -- 2048MB -- 80GB -- 800GB -- $140

Thank you all for all the help. I have decided that a slice at SliceHost was the right way to go. You can see the initial results at: http://blog/

Thanks so much.

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