"Rails Form Helpers" error?

I may be way off base here as I'm just getting started with Ruby, but
I think there is a typo in the section:

The sample search form is declared using ERB's expression tag <%= but
I think it should be an ERB code tag <%

The former gives a compile error ("syntax error, unexpected ')'"),
whereas the latter works just fine.

Happy to change the docs at github if someone can confirm that this
does in fact need correcting.


The <%= is correct for rails 3 and <% is incorrect. With a <% in rails 3, the form won't display. I don't know why you would be getting a syntax error though.

Do I understand correctly that the situation is reversed in Rails 3
(i.e. <% is right for Rails 2.3, <%= is right for Rails 3)?

I'm using Rails 2.3. The Guide doesn't appear to refer to any
specific version. It was pretty confusing pasting something straight
out of the Guide and getting a somewhat opaque error message. I'd
hope to save someone else the trouble by at least marking up in the
Guide that this syntax has changed.

The online guides always document Rails stable, you can access the
ones for 2.3 here:


There's no selector in the main page because this is exceptional.

If you are learning though, unless you have special needs I'd
recommend you to go with Rails 3 and the current guides.