Error submitting form


I just started learning ruby on rails. Now i've made a simple form with a textfield and a submit button.

This solution is fine for one time but i don't like every time i
have a form to add this line! So my question is, isn't there a final solution for this problem so i don't need to add this line every time i'm using a form?

Use the rails form helpers (form_for, form_tag etc...)


yes, use the form_helpers, instead of pure html forms

<% form_tag :controller => "some_controller", :action => "some_action" %> <%= text_field "txtName" %> <%= submit "submit" %> <% end %>

and so on. there are many methods in Rails to create forms and other html. If you start using Models, you'll most likely use form_for instead of the more simple form_tag.

You should start reading some tutorials on Rails and the API docs or you will miss it's main points and don't get the benefits.

Ok thx, i'll check the form helpers and do some tutorials :slight_smile: Thx for the help

<% form_tag :controller => "some_controller", :action => "some_action" %> <%= text_field "txtName" %> <%= submit "submit" %> <% end %>

Ruby on rails use <%= to write something on the page ... But isn't there no other function who does that?


form_tag and some others are a bit special and use. Not sure what you mean by "But isn't there no other function who does that?"

The above should be <% form_tag :controller => "some_controller", :action => "some_action" do %> Fred