How do I submit a text field and return to a new page?


I know what I am trying to do is pretty basic but for a newbie like me everything is very daunting right now. Please help me.

The scenario I am trying to program is this. The user enters a string
in the search textfield. I will use his entered value to query the
database for a matched record and then display the attributes of the
fetched record. That is it.

Here is my controller that hopefully on submission from the UI will retrieve the data
===in controller route_controller.rb====
def display_route
s = params[‘route’][‘name’]
@searched_route = Route.find_by_name(s)

Hej Vijay,

You can find some pretty good info about your problem on the Rails API

This will explain the syntax of the form_tag. I would stick with the
default settings (namely POST as the request verb) and just go ahead
(would look something like <% form_tag '/your_controller/
display_route' do %>

You can also find some tutorials for beginners on the web or buy a
book (pdf).

Hope that helps,

Vijay Rao wrote: