form_tag not working correctly?

So I'm trying to make <form action='/path' method='get' class='ajax_box'>


<% form_tag :action => "search_for", {:method => :get, :class => 'ajax_box'} do %>

but I get:

<form action='/path?method=get&class='ajax_box' method='post'>

Has form_tag changed with rails v3?

you can read about forms here:

one think i can point out, rails 3 use the equal sign now

<%= form_ ... %>


<% form_tag {:action => "search_for"}, {:method => :get, :class => "ajax_box"} do %>

gives me:

unexpected tASSOC, expecting '}' form_tag {:action =>(error here on this whitespace)"search_for"},

form_tag {:action => "search_for"}, {:method => :...                     ^