Doubt on form_tag do

You aren't passing an action for the form...

<% form_tag '/controller/action' do %>

Replace "/controller/action" with the actual controller and action
that will process the form data. I don't know why that would cause
the text boxes not to show up, but it's still something that needs to
be fixed. Try it and see if that clears up the problem.

try putting an = sign within the <% .. %> ---> <%= ... %> to allow
what is enclosed to be rendered out. There is some inconsistency
between form tag functions which can throw me for a loop too.

I think your problem is versions of rails.

I found with the older version of rails that I was running I had
similar problems.

With Version 1.2 the accepted syntax is
<%form_tag do%>
blah blah

With older versions you may have more luck with:
<%=form_tag %>
blah blah
<%= form_tag_end %>

At least that is what I have scribbled in the margin of my
AgileDevWithRails book.

Not sure if the = is required though.

Hope that helps


Do be careful with this as start_form_tag and end_form_tag have been
depreciated and will be removed from rails 2.0 So if you are
currently using an older 1.x version of Rails without support for
form_tag and then at some point you (or even worse the system admins,
if you don't own your own box) upgrade rails, suddenly your
application may break. If none of the features/fixes in the current
versions of Rails make any difference to you, you might want to
consider freezing rails for your application. See
for more info on freezing rails.