form_tag broken in Rails 1.2 RC2 or is it me?

I'm using Rails 1.2 RC2 and I've got a view that uses form_tag and the form is not being rendered. It's just not there. My view is this:

<div class="box">   <fieldset>   <legend>Log in</legend>   <% form_tag do %>     <div class="row">       <div class="formfield">         <label for="sso_id">SSO ID:</label>         <%= text_field_tag :sso_id, params[:sso_id] %>       </div>     </div>     <div class="row">       <div class="formfield">         <label for="password">Password:</label>         <%= password_field_tag :password, params[:password] %>       </div>     </div>     <%= submit_tag "Login" %>   <% end %>   </fieldset> </div>

My browser output is this:

<div class="box">   <fieldset>   <legend>Log in</legend>

  </fieldset> </div>

As you can see, it's just not there. Do I have an error in my view or is there a problem with form_tag in the latest release candidate?

It should be using the block's binding to output, so that isn't necessary. I don't even think the erb will parse correctly.

Are you sure you're using the right gem? This sounds like you're still on 1.1.6.

That is incorrect[1][2]. An exception will be thrown

If I do the following:

<%= form_tag %>   form fields.... </form>

the opening form tag is not rendered. So it appears form_tag is not doing anything.

[1] [2]Ruby on Rails — Rails 1.2 RC1: New in Action Pack

I ran into problems like this when migrating to 1.2rc1 -- if I recall correctly the problem was that my environment configuration still claimed to be 1.1.6. Have you updated rails within the app?


Crikey. I totally forget to check the RAILS_GEM_VERSION environment variable. I commented out the line


in my environment.rb and lo and behold everything works fine.

Hi, you can also do the following:

RAILS_GEM_VERSION = '1.1.6.xxxx' where xxxx is the revision number.



I wouldn't recommend commenting something out that my be referenced by other parts of the rails system. After updating this file, then you should perform the following action:

rake rails:update

Good luck,