Problem with form_tag

I have a view like so:

<% form_tag :action => "create" do %>
       <p>My pretty form!</p>
       <p><%= text_field "foo", "bar" %></p>
       <p><%= submit_tag "Do it!" %></p>
<% end %>

When the page displays, it only has "HELLO" - the form doesn't show up at
all in the outputted HTML.

I've done a rails -v and it says I'm running 1.2.2

I looked in my environment.rb file and it showed "RAILS_GEM_VERSION =

So, I changed it to show 1.2.2, and then I read somewhere that I needed to
rake rails:update

Did all that and I still just get HELLO without the form.

I just tried the 1.1.6 version like so:

<% start_form_tag :action => "create" %>
       <p>My pretty form!</p>
       <p><%= text_field "foo", "bar" %></p>
       <p><%= submit_tag "Do it!" %></p>
<% end_form_tag %>

And that spits out a form. Why is the old version working, but the new
version isn't? Is there some other way to see what version of Rails I'm
really using?


If you specify RAILS_GEM_VERSION then that is the version of Rails loaded.
If you don't specify a version, Rails will look in vendor/ for a
rails/ dir and load that if it exists. Otherwise it'll load the most
recent version of the rails gem.

Hope this helps,