Why does form_tag in the updated Rails 2.0.2 version not running? I would like to create a user management from the rails book "agile webdevelopment with rails", but it doesn't work.

view part:

If I'm not mistaken end_form_tag was depreciated. You now need to do:

<% form_tag :action => 'whatever' do %> ... <% end %>

And on which site can I look for the depreciated helpers or methods?

I usually just Google the thing I'm having trouble with...I'm new to Rails as well. In this case the first search result for "end_form_tag" gave me the answer.

Checking the Rails api doc ( is a good way to check on things like that too. It doesn't necessarily state that something's been deprecated, but with something like 'end_form_tag' you can find the new way to do it. Plus, its a good reference in general.