undefined local variable or method `start_form_tag'


I'm also suffering from the 'undefined local variable or method' problem
after having update my rails version to 2.0.

All worked fine before and now I get the following error:

undefined local variable or method `start_form_tag' in --->

<%= start_form_tag %>

It was deprecated in 1.2 and removed in 2.0


Frederick Cheung wrote:

It was deprecated in 1.2 and removed in 2.0


On the subject of error messages, with deprecations specifically in
mind, I suggest the following approach at least be considered.
Establish a deprecated_methods_index library at the top level of Rails
so that, when someone finally decides to upgrade their Rails-1.0.6 app
to Rails-whatever, instead of getting:

"undefined local variable or method `whatever'"
(which is generated by ruby itself and not by Rails)

one obtains the output from something like this:

def whatever(*parms)
  puts("whatever method is deprecated and was removed in rails-x.y.z.")
  puts("Use other_one method instead.")

If these are all kept in one place surely it would not be too difficult
to maintain? Are there any downsides to this approach, other than having
to write four lines of code for every deprecated method?

I LOVE it!
James you are the MAN.
Just suggesting a reasonable solution is awesome and I really mean it.
I would hire you in an instant!
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VERY much appreciated.

James Byrne wrote: