Rails + Firebird (legacy database)

i am trying to create some JSON services for a legacy database i have in firebird.

I have installed firebird adapter and it seems it is working but is always throwing an error:

Fb::Error: Undefined name Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -204 Table unknown MSFCLIENTES At line 1, column 45 : SELECT "MSFCLIENTES".* FROM "MSFCLIENTES" ORDER BY "MSFCLIENTES"."ID" ASC ROWS 1

the log shows like if it is quering the wrong table "RDB$DATABASE" (one of the system tables), so if i change the table name to that table it works but it isnt the table i need...

here is my model

class Client < ActiveRecord::Base

  establish_connection(     :adapter => "fb",     :database => "localhost:/var/databases/MSFBASE.Ib",     #:database => "sales",     :username => "SYSDBA",     :password => "masterkey",     :charset => "NONE")

  self.table_name = "MSFCLIENTES"   #self.primary_key = 'RDB$RELATION_ID'   #self.table_name = "RDB$DATABASE"   #self.primary_key = 'RDB$RELATION_ID'   # self.table_name = 'employee'