firebird and rails; error


Being new to RoR, I tried to get things working between RoR and
Firebird. With the help of some forums I figured out how to set things
up. I edit all documents using Aptana RadRails.

Problem occurs when I take the following (simple) steps, which you can
see in action at
in a tutorial, only difference is the database.;
- scaffold_resource product name:string (runs fine)
- db:migrate (runs fine)
- run application in browser (runs fine
- adding a product
- routing error
  product_url failed to generate from
{:controller=>"products", :id=>"1.0", :action=>"show"}, expected:
{:controller=>"products", :action=>"show"}, diff: {:id=>"1.0"}

does anyone know what the reason is this error occurs? Would be great!