Rails error while trying to delete: "No route matches [GET]"


I am a newbie with Rails and I am having a problem with my study application (Rails 3.2.6), when using Destroy links, I get the following message:

Routing Error

No route matches [GET] "/comments/2"

I can see that the Destroy link are calling a GET command instead of a delete method.

I’ve searched a lot about this problem, but couln’t find the reason, hope anyone can help me.


*<h4><%= comment.name %> said:</h4>*
  • <%= simple_format comment.body %>*

  • Sent <%= time_ago_in_words comment.created_at %> ago*

  • <%= link_to “Destroy”, comment_path(comment), method: :delete , :data => { :confirm => “Are you sure?”} %>*


  • class CommentsController < ApplicationController*

  • def create*
  •   @job = Job.find(params[:job_id])*
  •   @comment = @job.comments.build(params[:comment])*
  •   if @comment.save*
  •     flash[:notice] = "Comment was created with success!"*
  •   else*
  •     flash[:alert] = "Please fill in all fields to create a comment."*
  •   end*
  •   redirect_to @job*
  • end*
  • def destroy*
  •   @comment = Comment.find(params[:id])*
  •   @comment.destroy*
  •   redirect_to @comment.job, notice: "Comment destroyed with success."*
  • end*
  • end*

rake routes:

root / jobs#premium

companies_login GET /companies/login(.:format) login#new

POST /companies/login(.:format) login#create

companies POST /companies(.:format) companies#create

new_company GET /companies/new(.:format) companies#new

job_comments POST /jobs/:job_id/comments(.:format) comments#create

jobs GET /jobs(.:format) jobs#index

POST /jobs(.:format) jobs#create

new_job GET /jobs/new(.:format) jobs#new

edit_job GET /jobs/:id/edit(.:format) jobs#edit

job GET /jobs/:id(.:format) jobs#show

PUT /jobs/:id(.:format) jobs#update

DELETE /jobs/:id(.:format) jobs#destroy

comment DELETE /comments/:id(.:format) comments#destroy

hello_world GET /hello/world(.:format) hello#world

Post your route.rb plz.

Try this please it will work**<%= link_to “Destroy”, {:controller => “comment”, :action => “destroy”, :id => comment.id }%>**


It hasn’t been all that long since I’ve used 3.2, but I think you’re using the wrong syntax. Please look at http://apidock.com/rails/v3.2.8/ActionView/Helpers/UrlHelper/link_to that shows the link_to method at that time.

Also, look at the html that is generated for the view and see if you can tell what’s happening.

I wish I could be of more help…


Hello everyone,

Thanks a lot for your help.

I finally found what was the problem, the jquery wasn’t working. I checked the HTML code, everything was correct, but in the time of the event the jquery wasn’t working,

The solution is in this post:


In the file “\app\views\layouts\application.html.erb”, inside the tag I just included this line:

<%= javascript_include_tag :jquery, :jquery_ujs %>

So, now the application recognizes the Delete method, and it also solve another issue that I was having. The ajax commands using the command “remote: true” wasn’t working, it was calling an html request instead of a JS request, so everything working good now.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Arthur Duarte

Try adding those to your application.js file instead. Then they’ll be concatenated and minimized by Sprockets for faster service.