Rails Deployment Using Passenger (Problems)


I have been trying to deploy my Rails application using Passenger on
my local machine that runs Mac OS X Tiger. I saw the screencast by
Ryan Bates and also referred to benr75[http://benr75.com/articles/
2008/04/12/setup-mod_rails-phusion-mac-os-x-leopard] for specific
instructions for Mac (but they are for leopard).

Right now if I go to http://localhost all I get is "It Works!". My
configuration files are as follows - http://pastie.org/286516 .

I think the problem is because I have multiple Apache servers running
(I had installed MAMP a few months ago). The two installations are in /
usr/local/apache2 and /Applications/MAMP/Library. How do I choose the
correct one? Which one is the correct one?

Can I somehow remove both of them and get a clean slate and get
instructions on how to do that. Any help would be appreciated.