Rails CMS - Testers Needed

I'm trying to get our web "designer" to stop using Dreamweaver, and seriously consider a CMS solution. Especially considering the number of changes he is asked to make on a regular basis. I'd love to give your CMS a try.

Hi Sterling, I believe that you confusing the goal of a CMS and Dreamweaver. A content management system (CMS) organizes and manages content. Also, Dreamweaver is an HTML/CSS authoring/development tool. Most of the time one can use both. For example, I use a CMS called Carma to manage both my picture, video, and audio content on multiple sites. Then I'll use DW to construct the actual pages that this content will populate. Thus, I would recommend obtaining SVN extension for Dreamweaver to get your DW artifacts under version management.

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I'm not.