Dreamweaver - who uses for RoR work??


Just interested re whether anyone is using Dreamweaver as their IDE for *.rhtml for ruby on rails projects?

If yes I’d be interesting in understanding how you use it within your development flow. Also do you use any ruby plugins for Dreamweaver?


I left dreamweaver bahind and switched to TextMate. If you're on the
mac, you really can't beat it.

I’m stuck on windows though for the moment :slight_smile:

I made the Dreamweaver >> TextMate switch as well. But for me there were some other editors along the way :slight_smile:

If you’re into Dreamweaver, but want Ruby/Rails support, check out Komodo. If you want to go more of a TextMate route while still on Win, maybe take a look at EditPlus or UltraEdit.

Hi, I continue to use Studio 8 tools which includes Dreamweaver in
addition to other tools for RoR development. Furthermore, I have a
firm requirement that all designers that I hire have this requirement
as well.



Hi Conrad - can I ask what development cycle/approach do you use in terms of Dreamweaver and the other developer tools? For example do the UI/graphic designers use Dreamweaver for the initial cut only, and then send the HTML/CSS to the RoR developers who may use RadRadails from then on? Or do you have a means to continue to utilise Dreamweaver directly on the checked out *.rthml code?


Hi Greg, I use Dreaweaver to validate both the XHTML and CSS that I
receive from the designers. Also, I require its use (i.e DW) by my
designers. I like to see a working model from the designer and it's
allways good to get them working in parallel and early on once the
project goals have been defined. I'm the type of person that likes to
learn and a good designer allways has critical as well constructive
information that can possibly affect the site's useability as well as
its look. Next, once I sign off on the initial layout. Then I can
start to integrate those artifacts into RoR application. However,
there maybe minor graphics changes as well as CSS but for the most
part the layout remains static. Finally, I can continue to load
*.rhtml as html. At this time, DW doesn't have the best support for
non-media types within Preferences -> File Types / Editors. Thus, I
initiated an enhancement so that one can associate a file extension
with to an external application of your choice and this would be very
similar to functionality that it has for media types.


Hi Greg, I meant to say that I can continue to load .rhtml as .html on
Windows XP/Vista for IE 6/7 testing but Mac, my primary development
machine, I tend to use TextMate to do alot of the lifting at this
time. However, RadRails would also be a good option. Well, I must
get some sleep being that it is 4am (PST).

Good luck,


That's an interesting work flow. How did you get around the issues of
poor rendering on valid xhtml/css in dreamweaver?

I personally moved my 15 person team to TextMate or only the text
editor in dreamweaver and testing cross platform with parallels or
Virtual PC. I'm always interested in finding a beter way.

I use DM8 for working on my views, but use ultraedit for my RoR stuff.
There is a ruby plugin that I found and it seems to work...OK.....

I see textmate is *THE* editor, but I run a PC as well :frowning:


Hi, that's an easy question. I setup testing servers under DW that
use webrick/mongrel. It's very similar to the scheme I used when I
developed PHP code using apache. Furthermore, these testing servers
reside on both Mac OS X and Windows XP but utilize different ports.
These are just a few ideas that I learned by taking the rails class in
Dallas given by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt. It was during the
capistrano demo that gave me the idea. At this time, it's just
experimentation that has paid off for local development. However, I
have two rails hosting accounts for development and client level
stagging. Furthermore, I use cap for deployment.

Just working and having fun doing it,


check this url to download rubyweaver rails extenstion for dreamweaver…



I use a RadRails / Dreamweaver 8 combo on my xp development machine.
Most of what I do is in RadRails but I tweak my html and css in DW.

Usually when I'm doing this, I'm not working on the actual .rhtml file.
I load the View in my browser and save the rendered source as a file
and I open that up in DW. From there I use the DW GUI mainly to edit
the css. Of course changes to the css are immediately reflected in the
Rails app when you save the css. I sometimes use DW for editing the
rhtml, but I usually already have it loaded in RadRails so I do it by
hand there.


Hi Eric - is there a reason you don’t open up the rhtml itself? If you had an appropriate DW plugin for ruby/rails (perhaps like the ones mentioned by others) would you then open the rhtml directly?

All of the web designers here use
dreamweaver to edit the view layer of our app with no problems.


Does anyone have a copy of Rob’s “RubyWeaver” DW plugin for Ruby support they could email me? His site at http://www.ridingtheclutch.com/ seems to be down lately and I’m about to pack the laptop and head offline for a while :frowning: I’ve seen quite a few posts from people pointing to Rob’s plugin so I’m keen to try it.

Greg (email == “greg.hauptmann # gmail.com” - replace # with @ of course)

sorry - think I just found it at http://conversationswithmyself.com/rubyweaver.mxp


We use DW and MasterView[1] which is a great tool for integrating
design-time stuff and Rails helper methods. MV is an
attribute-language, in that I mean all the usual Rails stuff you would
plug into .rhtml files, you put in attributes like
mv:check_box="product,sold_out" that get rendered into .rhtml on the
fly. You can edit the .html files and DW ignores the extra attributes.

MV does want well-formed XHTML, and DW seems to keep messing that up
no matter how many times you set it to output XHTML. Other than that
it is a great combo.

[1] MasterView http://masterview.org


Correct, the other person name should have been Mike Clark.



subimage interactive wrote:

If you want to go more of a TextMate route while still on Win,
maybe take a look at EditPlus or UltraEdit.

Or the Zeus IDE - http://www.zeusedit.com