Rails - class UserMailer < ActionMailer::Base

Hello, I currently have my app's mail setup as follows:

Step 1: Observers monitor tables, and send out emails when triggered by after_save in the observer

Step 2: The observer then calls something like: `UserMailer.XXXXXX_created_notification(record).deliver`

Step 3: User mailer sends the mail out:

      def XXXXXX_created_notification(record)         @record = record         mail(:to => "#{record.email}", :reply_to => "Reply to XXXXX", :subject => "XXXXX Notification")       end

My question to rails experts out there is, I want to provide users the ability to turn on/off certain site wide notifications. Where is the best place in Rails to bake this in? In the user_mailer.rb file wrapped inside the def above? Or in the observer?