problem with mailer in rails 3

hi… i got problem with mailer i m done with => rails g mailer UserMailer => in usermailer : def signup_notification(user) @activation_url = BASE_URL+activate_user_path(user.activation_code) @user = user mail(:to => user.email_id, :subject => “account activate instruction”)

=> views/signup_notification.html.erb <%= activation_url %>

=> rails c => UserMailer i get UserMailer => UserMailer.signup_notification(@user).deliver


here are the steps I follow for Notification stuff

1. have a user controller and model 2. create rails mailer: rails g mailer user_mailer 3. open app/mailers/user_mailer.rb and added following method

def signup_nofitication(user) @user = user end

it should work now.

goto console, and run

user = User.last UserMailer.signup_nofitication(user).deliver

let me know if it works for you or not.. if not then post error message as well.